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Universities in Canada


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Brock University Brock offers many alternatives for combining hands-on practical training and work experience with your academic studies.
Carleton University In the transition from college to university, the intimate atmosphere of a small institution has been replaced by segregated social groups and more specialized academic sectors.
Lakehead niversity Lakehead University is committed to excellence and innovation in undergraduate and graduate teaching, service, research and other scholarly activity.
Laurentian University For our dynamic, northern, bilingual and tri-cultural postsecondary institution, innovation simply means that we plan to be first, better, unique, and most of all, creative in the areas of teaching and learning, services, research, and technology.
McGill University McGill offer many services; among them are: network service, Help Desk, Operations, Dialup Access Service, workshops.
McMaster University The University, through its continued dedication to innovative education and ground-breaking research, has earned its reputation as one of the leading post- secondary institutions in Canada.
Nipissing University Nipissing University -- Number one with students, not a magazine
Queen's University From the ivy-covered buildings, students go out into the world to achieve greatness in their own lives, help shape their country's destiny, and make a lasting difference in society.
Ryerson Polytechnic University -
Trent University Trent University aspires to be Canada's outstanding small university known for its commitment to liberal undergraduate education in the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences and to the centrality of the individual student.
University of Guelph Guelph's distinctiveness as a high-quality, student-focused, residentially-intensive university that is committed to innovative programs, dynamic student-faculty interaction, and an integration of learning and research.
University of Ottawa The University of Ottawa is Canada's largest bilingual university and one of its leading comprehensive, research-intensive institutions.
University of Sudbury It provides courses and programmes both in the French and the English languages.
University of Toronto The accomplishments of U of T's students, faculty, staff and alumni characterize our unique community of scholars and learners.
University of Waterloo Students graduate with the knowledge, skills, and practical experience required to solve some of today's most pressing problems and to embrace future challenges and opportunities.
University of Western Ontario -
University of Windsor It provides an atmosphere fostering creativity, discovery, application, critical thinking, service, and communication in a collegial environment.
Wilfrid Laurier University Wilfrid Laurier University has a very strong tradition of athletic excellence. Their programs have been highly successful in both men!|s and women!|s Interuniversity sport.
York University Our goal in presenting this site is to provide you with valuable information about our programs, services and events being delivered to our alumni close to campus and around the world.