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Our Company Singtaoetel.ca is the one and only one-stop Asian Directory Solutions in the Greater Toronto Area. Our combination of hardcover directory solutions and internet portal offers interactive community services, localized Asian-oriented content focused in areas of business, fashion, food, home, travel, and education.

- A revolutionary channel, committed to connecting the Asian Community with the GTA.
- An Asian Digital Culture.
- An invitation for everyone to experience the flavors of Asian Canadians.

In the recent years, the Chinese population in the Greater Toronto area has increased drastically. The Chinese immigrated to Toronto from different places and cities. They supported and helped each other, leading an amicable and harmonious life. They also spread the endemic charisma of the Chinese culture. In the past, the Chinese immigrants living in Greater Toronto mainly came from Hong Kong. But nowadays, following the lapse of time and change of the society, many compatriots came from Main Land China and Taiwan, so the number of Chinese increased. And they are in great demand of informaiton.

As the dialects of the Chinese from Main Land China, Hong Kong and Taiwan are not quite the same, our company envisages a new concept - a Chinese telephone directory with common language of the Chinese people. It not only enables the Chinese to conatct each other and maintain their relationship and commerical opportunities, but also renders them to find their required informatin simply and conveniently, which is very important. Base on the above-mentioned reasons, the Chinese telephone directory enacted an unusual role in the Chinese commerical market. Most Chinese families have at least one or more Chinese telephone directories for frequent use.

We earnestly hope that our "SING TAO Etel Directory" will be an outstanding stash and become a convenient tool of every family.